I collect coin only & collect by type. I do swap by other items for coin. Other items such as phone card, Token, Tea bag,  stamp, miniature sheet, bottle caps, Empty cigarette packet, Post card , FDC , Gsm sim card, Transportation ticket.  Other than these, if you need anything else from here , then you may ask me. I would try to arrange. Thank you.

* When you would ask for swap; then I assume, you are agreed with my swap terms & conditions as follows- 

Terms & conditions:

1. If I don't know the person asking for the swap, he/she will have to send first and I ONLY send my part of the trade, when I have received his/her part.

2. I swap by 1:1, catalog value, market value; all depend on negotiation.

3. If you collect coin by year, mint mark or any particular theme, then ask me; I will send EXL file with details of km number, date, type, mint mark, condition, and quantity.

4. If you need coin's photo, you may ask to me.

5. If there is any major problem in coins, tell before get into an agreement. If necessary, then show scan photo.

6. I prefer registered mail; but if you want to send any other type of mail service such as ordinary mail, then I would wait for receiving letter, after I receive letter, then I post letter. In this case, if your letter would get lost, then I won’t take any responsibilities & all responsibilities are on you & I won’t post letter for you and you can’t give me any negative/neutral/lesser rate, comment or any report in any site or personal trader list or any other source.

7. In case of registered mail, we are each responsible for ensuring coins or other items & when they have arrived, we inform them each other.

8. If a registered letter doesn't arrive, then we'll have to find a mutual agreement, how to proceed.

9. Sending or receiving to/from some countries could be difficult; it's better to discuss that possibility before any agreement of a trade. Apart from my native country, I can give you two alternative countries’ addresses where I can receive letter.

10. Normally I don't swap with South American countries. Because of bad postal service. But I do swap in certain conditions with South American countries as follows-
     a) I would send by registered mail & inform you registered number with scan copy of postal receipt &              also I show envelope’s photo ; but if letter would lost in the way, then you can’t report against me in              any web site or black listed in your personal list or in any other source and don't ask for re-send
     b) Or I would ask for European or Asian address, where I can send letter.
         - If you are agreed with these facts, then contact with me for swap.

11. Don’t post letter unless finalize agreement.

12. After confirmation about swap, I would take maximum 12 days to prepare & post. But sometimes I would take more times; it is depending on my personal work or unexpected situation.

13. Keep the registration receipt until I acknowledge that receive the letter from you.

14. If I get a damaged letter, I take photos of both sides with weight measurement photos of it before I open it, and I send the images to you. Everything might be in it, but if it isn't then this will give you the possibility to make a complaint to your post office, who is ALWAYS the responsible partner for damages of the mails you send.

15. Normally registered letter takes about 20-25 days to reach in European countries; in North American countries, registered letter takes 30-40 days; in South American countries, registered letter takes 40-60 days; in African countries, registered letter takes 30-40 days & in Asian countries, registered letter takes 15-20 days to reach. But sometimes registered letter takes more time; as example, one of my letter took 87 days to reach Finland & another letter took 93 days to reach in Venezuela. Due to postal service delay, you can’t give lesser/negative/neutral rate, comment & report against me in any web site or black listed in your personal list or in any other source. So, if you are not patient, then don’t contact with me for swap.

16. If I wouldn't find my interested coin in your swap list, then I won't replay. Sorry for that.

17. If you are a dealer & need from me huge lots , then I can provide ; But I would  do that , when my relatives would go to USA & they would send behalf of me . Normally I could send huge lots in every four months. Please ask me about that & I will let you know, when I can send lots.

18. Coin collection is just a hobby. There are many more things to do in life other than coin collection. I would take times to response. So, please be PATIENT.